The Beauty of Paradox

This art simply reflects the mysterious perfection
of your essential nature.

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Your art is beautiful and transmits such an energy of Divine Order.
Satyen Raja
Author, Accelerated Evolution &Transcendent CEO

Sacred Mirrors

This art speaks for itself — yet remains silent. 


Perhaps these reflections stir a subtle remembrance of the mysterious paradox of existence, now seeping up through the cracks of the mind. 


The sudden recognition that balance, peace, and unity have been here all along.


This sense of the numinous can be cultivated and embodied in time — and these artworks can help.

Why Free?

I’ll send you a 6″ fine art print for just the cost of shipping ($5).
I don’t make any profit from doing this.

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I love sharing this art, and your support helps me do it.

Choose Your Print

We share one consciousness.

All its expressions are perfect.

Your are the whole universe.

This moment is eternity.

Infinities within infinities.

The fluid of our being slips

right through our grasp.

Ever changing.

Creation unfolds as contradiction.

Everything is also its opposite.

Both sides are always right.

Truth is paradox.

In the beginning, there is a divide.

And then another. And another.

At the root of all creation

is simply: yes or no?

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The Artist


My name is Freely. 

I create this art as one of the ways by which 

I participate in our collective mystery. 

I also do many other diverse things, 

but here and now, like this art,  

I remain undefined.